There is properly no history, only biography. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Organizational and Corporate History Programs

Stone Arch Bridge, Minneapolis in 1890

Stone Arch Bridge, Minneapolis in 1890

A company’s history is more than a list of inventions, process improvements, acquisitions and mergers. It is the story of individuals – idealists, pragmatists, leaders, laborers, heroes and the occasional dastardly character. Just like a good novel, exceptional corporate history programs have critical turning points, thrilling escapes, comedic interludes and spectacular triumphs.

At Chris Jones & Associates we create commemorative DVDs, 100 year company history programs, documentary films, websites, publications, and displays that celebrate the history of companies, organizations and institutions. We turn impersonal timelines into unique corporate biographies.  We find the crucial nuggets of truth that define an organization, and create a powerful narrative using moving images, sparkling interviews and insightful dialogue.

Whether your CEO is retiring, your company headquarters is relocating, or you have reached the anniversary of an important milestone, at Chris Jones & Associates we help you make lasting memories by celebrating the events that matter.

Our organizational and corporate history programs include:

  • 100 Year Anniversary – 3 hour business theater event celebrating Honeywell’s 100 year anniversary
  • 100 Years of Heritage – 100 Year company anniversary program for the Sons of Norway
  • 3M and the Environment: An Individual Effort – Documentary and public image program about the history of environmental efforts at 3M
  • America Takes Flight – One hour documentary about the National Air Tours and the birth of commercial aviation
  • Century100 year company anniversary docudrama and film for IDS Financial Services (Ameriprise)
  • Changing With the Times – 95-year anniversary business theater and multimedia program for Red Wing Shoes
  • Hometown in the Heartland: The Stories of the Hotel Pattee – 28:30 Celebratory documentary film
  • Landmark Center: A Work of Art Serving People – 28:30 Documentary and 100-year tribute to St. Paul’s Landmark Center
  • Generations: Photography for a Lifetime 40 minute docudrama celebrating the 70 year company anniversary of Lifetouch, Inc.
  • Patterson Companies: Looking Back, Looking Ahead – Documentary DVD celebrating the 20-year anniversary of the management buy-out of the 122-year-old company
  • Richard P. Erickson: A Tribute – 28:00 Commemorative documentary program for Lifetouch
  • The Road Taken – 40 minute documentary celebrating the birth of video
  • The Sweatt Award  – 12 minute history documentary about Honeywell’s most prestigious engineering award
  • Windows in Time – Fund-raising documentary film for the Minnesota Historical Society

Life is divided into three terms – that which was, which is, and which will be. Let us learn from the past to profit by the present, and from the present to live better in the future. – Wordsworth

The Discipline of Planning

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. Today’s accomplishments were once yesterday’s impossibilities. Nothing happens without a plan of action. If you want to arrive somewhere you have to know in which direction to take your first step. We have the ability to work together with you and your organization in a team effort that can help you achieve your goals.

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